How often is the car circuit checked?

The car is equipped with many electronic products, such as common car navigation, audio, car TV, etc., which require circuits to work properly.

The importance of automotive circuit inspection

However, many car owners only care about the car’s appearance, paint, maintenance, etc. And the awareness of the circuit detection of the car is relatively weak, and the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion of the car will appear in the summer. In the final analysis, the reason is the aging of the power supply, and the owner did not deal with it in a timely manner. Therefore, we must pay attention to this circuit problem, and we must not ignore the problem of aging of automobile circuits.

How to deal with emergency

After long-term use of the car, the aging of the line is normal, but the degree of aging is determined by our daily maintenance. In some cases, when the engine cannot start or is unable to start during rainy days, do not start Panic, we know that this is the electric leakage caused by the dampness of the ignition system. If this happens, be sure to turn off the vehicle completely, cool it down for a period of time, then wipe the dotted lines inside and outside the electric panel, and then go to the repair shop to check it in time. To replace the aging circuit.

When should I check the circuit

The maintenance of the automotive circuit system is actually one of the cores of automotive maintenance, especially for models that have been used for more than 3 years. It is best to conduct a thorough circuit check at the repair shop every year. This is very important if the vehicle’s automotive circuit fails , It will increase the fuel injection volume of the engine and increase fuel consumption.

At present, the breakdown of automobile circuits accounts for 50% of automobile repairs, but the system maintenance of circuits will be more complicated, so the circuit is often checked.

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